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Engineering consumables

How competitive and challenging can a consumables and equipment sector be? At Industrial Supply Chain Limited (ISC), we’ve built our business reputation on exceeding customer expectations in areas like engineering consumables.

From nuts and bolts to protective gloves, you’ll enjoy convenient access to a full range of equipment, delivered to where it’s needed by our proven Workshop Engineering (WE) and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) systems.


Convenient, cost-saving systems for large and small businesses

The WE system is perfect for the small to medium-sized workshop or tool room, a proven system where use of consumables is low to medium volume. Over the years, we’ve developed a reliable, cost-effective system of storage bins containing every required product.


The benefits to you include:

arrorw5 Every product readily available in size order (small to large) for prompt, accurate, access
arrorw5 Storage is designed for your workshop and installed for you
arrorw5 All supplies are fully labelled (including part number and description) – for your convenience
arrorw5 We deliver peace of mind by maintaining the stock of supplies for you)
arrorw5 We also perform routine housekeeping (including resorting incorrectly stored items).


Cut downtime caused by consumables shortages

Did you ever stop to calculate the cost of downtime if production has to stop because a certain essential consumable has run out? With ISC, this sort of downtime really can become a thing of the past.

It all adds up to a convenient, cost-effective, always-ready service that frees your (and your team’s) time to do what you do best – making money at engineering. And then there’s Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO), for larger operations, where there is a higher throughput of consumables and a need to store and dispense larger items (including tools and PPE).


MRO systems for the larger operation

As with the WE system, MRO for engineering consumables saves you time (supplies are available when you need them) and money (the consumable you need to get production moving again). If shrinkage is a problem, our sturdy, lockable cabinets will enable you to control costly stock loss – and many customers enjoy the convenience of ‘keyed alike’ systems for shift engineers and supervisors who share cupboards.


Making your life simpler and more profitable

Engineering is challenging enough without unnecessary annoyances and frustrations – ISC systems help make your life simpler and more profitable.


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