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Global capability

As well as enjoying a leading position in the UK, Industrial Supply Chain Limited (ISC) has set up a its own special Far East sourcing arrangement specifically to help your business.


You benefit from our representation in the Far East

With the majority of our customers’ products now coming from the Far East, it quickly became clear to us that everyone would benefit if we had our own representation in the Far East. This is now in place, purely for product sourcing, and has already been well received by UK customers.

Our dedicated Far East representation exists purely for product sourcing purposes. Whereas many consumables and equipment suppliers rely on independent procurement agents in the Far East, we have cut out this extra stage.


Ensuring supply chain continuity for your Far East sourced products

This is not just another agent, but a strategic partnership between ISC and ESC, our sister company in the Far East. As an ISC customer, it means you will enjoy additional reassurance about the quality of product being sourced for you, and peace of mind in the knowledge that supply chain continuity is in place.

As an ISC customer sourcing products from the Far East, you'll benefit from our experts' in-depth knowledge of local
manufacturing companies.


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