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Why Industrial Supply Chain Ltd?

Consumables and protective equipment. It’s a crowded, competitive marketplace where suppliers are only as good as their last successfully accomplished order and discerning customers like you are always on the look out for a procurement edge.


Measurable procurement benefits for you

That’s where Industrial Supply Chain Limited (ISC) offers you real benefits. As we build our supply chain partnership, you’ll enjoy a wide range of benefits, many of which are measurable and can be shown to make a direct and positive contribution to your bottom line.

Here’s a summary of what to expect from your relationship with ISC, the things that set us apart and quickly add up to big differences for your business.


arrorw5 Innovative systems (WE, MRO and DLF) save you time and money
arrorw5 We reduce your stock investment – consigned stock saves you money
arrorw5 Helping you measure your usage – an important step towards more profitable procurement
arrorw5 You always have the stock you need – you save time, money and get peace of mind
arrorw5 Regular product and price review – if we can share savings (without losing quality), we will


arrorw5 ISC procurement muscle delivers great prices – you get more for your purchasing budget
arrorw5 Your reputation grows – we help build your reputation for getting the job done well
arrorw5 You avoid hidden costs of procurement – that’s even more money saved
arrorw5 ISC direct sourcing from the Far East – you enjoy more reliable supply continuity
arrorw5 Guaranteed prices for agreed periods – enables you to plan more effectively


arrorw5 Pay for what you use with consignment stocking – not for products you don’t need
arrorw5 Salaried employees – you benefit because our sales envoys aren’t commission driven
arrorw5 Agreed stocking – only the products you really need
arrorw5 Massive procurement experience – your procurement is in professional hands
arrorw5 We’re passionate about procurement – you know we have your interests at heart


arrorw5 Flat company structure – fast decision making when you need it
arrorw5 We’ll demonstrate our integrity – for your peace of mind so you can get on with business
arrorw5 Absolute respect for you, our customer – the benefit is obvious


Too good to be true? It’s not

Does it all sound too good to be true? When we meet, we’ll tell you about the large and small companies that already enjoy valuable cost and time saving benefits from our partnership. We’ll also tell you more about our FREE no strings attached (really) three-month trial offer.

Take the first step to cutting the hidden costs of procurement.


Contact ISC now.


Industrial Supply Chain Limited  – The Meaning of Procurement