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OEM Consumables

Nowhere is there more at stake than on high volume production lines of major original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in fields as diverse as automotive, aeronautical and computer manufacturing and shipping, oil industry applications.


Even short stoppages can cost thousands

And, with unscheduled downtime on modern production lines costing up to £15,000 a minute, even the slightest stoppage can cost hundreds of thousands of pounds. That’s where a reliable, cost-effective supply of direct line feed (DLF) consumables can save you serious money (and a few sleepless nights too). From bolts to adhesive pads, we specialise in the Class C fasteners that go into many of the world’s best-known consumer and business products.


A reliable procurement supplier partnership is everything

Industrial Supply Chain Limited (ISC) built its reputation in the uncompromising world of production line direct line feed consumables, an environment where Quality Assurance and reliable supplier partnerships are everything.

Your ISC direct line feed system is a fully consigned solution to your daily requirements. What’s more, your peace of mind is fully guaranteed by fully maintained, fully labelled product supplies in custom-designed, Health & Safety-compliant storage bins and racking systems.


Helping you make money and save time

Wherever there’s assembly, there’s a place for ISC – helping you make you money, saving your valuable time and freeing you to concentrate on a thousand and one pressing line-management issues.

As you’d expect, we put considerable emphasis on batch traceability, including Six Sigma production part approval process (PPAP) and initial sample inspection reporting (ISIR). And when it comes to sourcing from the Far East, who else can offer the QA benefits of our own Tier 1 sourcing (backed up by UK-based Tier 2 sourcing)?


ISC cage systems – perfect for larger consumables and equipment

And finally, if required, there’s the ISC cage system, a mini-store in a custom-fabricated cage to meet your special line side storage requirements. To the best of our knowledge, no one else in OEM consumables offers this service – perfect for larger consumables and equipment.

ISC can – and does.


Industrial Supply Chain Limited  – The Meaning of Procurement