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In all areas of modern business, the quality of systems can make the difference between success and failure. That’s why, whenever we work together, you will benefit from all the advantages that come from some of the best consumables supply systems in the business.


Introducing Workshop Engineering (WE), Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) and Direct Line Feed (DLF), the trio of systems at the heart of the Industrial Supply Chain Limited (ISC) service offer to you.

Workshop engineering (WE)

This system is most applicable to the small engineering workshop or tool room where relatively low volumes of consumables are required in for repair and maintenance applications: degreasers, low-volume lubricants, nuts and bolts, cutting blades, tools, abrasives and similar items.

The main characteristics of WE:

arrorw5 Relatively low volumes
arrorw5 No consignment stock (customer purchases required stock)
arrorw5 Ideally suited to engineering consumables
arrorw5 Conveniently sized small compartmentalised storage bins protect product
arrorw5 FOC loan agreement for tailored storage boxes – you avoid costly storage outlay
arrorw5 Every product in size order and labelled (product number and description) for easy
arrorw5 Maintenance of stocks by fully trained ISC service envoys
arrorw5 Minor housekeeping (down to re-sorting misplaced stock) undertaken by ISC.

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO)

At the heart of MRO, in addition to your close relationship with your dedicated ISC service envoy and account manager, lie one or more large metal cabinets packed full of the tools, larger consumables, janitorial or housekeeping supplies you need to keep business running..

arrorw5 Ideally suited to janitorial supplies (who else does this?)
arrorw5 All your consumables readily at hand (ideal for engineering consumables)
arrorw5 Consignment stocking – for peace of mind, convenience and avoidance of hidden procurement costs
  • Safe, secure storage in tailored lockable storage cabinets
arrorw5 Keyed alike systems make life easy for shift personnel who share storage
arrorw5 Secure storage reduces stock shrinkage
arrorw5 Maintenance of stocks by fully trained ISC service envoys
  • Minor housekeeping (down to re-sorting misplaced stock) undertaken by ISC.


Direct line feed (DLF)

We’re into OEM consumables here, typically Class C fasteners going into automotive applications with a particularly high emphasis on Quality Assurance.

arrorw5 Fully consigned stocking – you pay as you use
arrorw5 Peace of mind from knowing that the consumables you need will
  always be available
arrorw5 Avoid costly downtime due to unavailability of fasteners
arrorw5 Special bin and rack systems (fully Health & Safety compliant)
  dedicated to DLF
arrorw5 Free loan of movable storage saves you money and ensures
  availability at point of use
arrorw5 Fully maintained stocks – ISC does the legwork so you don’t
  have to.


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