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From a single pair of work trousers to complete outfitting (including design to spec and in-house logo services) of your multi-site, multi-function workforce, quality workwear at the right price has been at the heart of the Industrial Supply Chain Limited (ISC) offer since we started business in 2005.


arrorw5 Disposable workwear
arrorw5 Gloves
arrorw5 Catering workwear
arrorw5 Hand protection
arrorw5 Tabards
arrorw5 Safety footwear
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Consistency and continuity of supply in workwear

Naturally, all our products meet all relevant CE marking and EN compliance requirements. Consistency is everything when you choose ISC: not just of service and continual attention to your requirements but dimensional consistency of product. When you order from ISC, you are assured the consistency of familiar Euro sizes throughout – it’s an important difference, particularly for employees who have to wear the clothing all week.

ISC for workwear:


arrorw5 Design to your specification
arrorw5 In house logo service
arrorw5 CE marking and EN compliance
arrorw5 Consistency
arrorw5 Great products, when you and your team need them
arrorw5 Safety footwear


The right product for the job, right first time to save you money and time.


Industrial Supply Chain Limited  – The Meaning of Procurement