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Have you noticed what’s happened in personal protection equipment and consumables supply?

Can you remember how industrial products and consumables used to be sold? A weekly call from a van; faceless, impersonal multinationals at the end of the phone, unpredictable pricing; and the barest minimum of after sales support and customer care – the ‘good old days’ of consumables and personal protective equipment (PPE) distribution…


Welcome to the new world of consumables procurement


Then Industrial Supply Chain Limited (ISC) redefined the meaning of procurement. Suddenly, sourcing personal protective equipment from gloves to ear defenders, workwear, janitorial supplies, fasteners and engineering consumables and OEM consumables took on a whole new dimension – friendlier, more cost effective, more convenient and more about you.


Welcome to a new world of convenient consignment stock, minimised hidden costs of procurement, more peace of mind and more time to do what you do best in manufacturing.



arrorw5 Personal protective equipment (PPE)      
arrorw5 Workwear    
arrorw5 Janitorial supplies    
arrorw5 Engineering consumables    
arrorw5 OEM consumables (including automotive consumables)    


The benefits of partnership with ISC Ltd


arrorw5 Tailored solutions – always matched to your individual needs
arrorw5 Responsiveness – listening to your requirements and adapting
arrorw5 Product range – consumables where you want them, when you need them
arrorw5 Cost savings – avoiding the hidden costs of procurement and production downtime


arrorw5 Delivering peace of mind with proven systems and close management
arrorw5 Salaried sales envoys – motivated to do the best for you.
arrorw5 A profitable partnership with people who care passionately about procurement.


Contact us now to discover the benefits of your new world.


Industrial Supply Chain Limited  – The Meaning of Procurement