Who We Are
  • Privately owned, established in 2005
  • Procurement Specialists across a diverse categories
  • Award winning team, with over 100 years experience
  • State of the art customer manag
  • High profile blue chip customer base
Our Procurement Expertise
  • Managing 65,000 products to UK business industry
  • Global and diverse manufacturing and supply base
  • Authorised dealer/distributor of major industry brands
  • Global representatives, cutting out the 'middle man' so benefits can be passed to you!
  • Our scale, volume and unique business model ensures we remain the most cost effective option in the UK
Our product expertise
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Engineering and Workshop Consumables
  • Electrical Consumables
  • Fasteners and Fixings
  • Packaging Consumables
  • Janitorial
  • Chemicals
  • Cabinetry
Our unique approach
  • Our approach is very different to others
It is not a typical 'order and delivery' process. Ours is an inventory management one. We put 'consignment stock' in your business, free of charge. It is stored in secure, on site dispensing units which we provide. We only invoice you when stock is 'removed'. We restock at regular intervals to make sure you never run out of the products you need.
Getting started
  • Identify the product range you need
  • Agree the pricing
  • Determine approximate monthly usage levels
  • Assess maximum 'stock levels' for each location
  • Agree number of units required and their location
  • Introduce you to your service envoy
  • Agree their visiting patterns for your site
  • Personal account management, tailored just for you
  • Remember – you don't pay for it .....unless you use it
Your service envoy
  • They work for you and their services are free
  • Product expertise focussed on your needs
  • Visist according to the agreed servicing pattern
  • Will replenish used stock
  • Be responsible for any ongoing housekeeping
  • Provide assistance to solve any problems
  • Are always at the end of the phone