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Company Profile

Founded in 2005, Industrial Supply Chain Limited (ISC) has grown into one of the UK’s leading suppliers of workwear, janitorial supplies, personal protective equipment (PPE), engineering consumables and OEM consumables. We are a young, assertive, progressive business – hugely different to yesterday’s old school of over-regimented, under-delivering equipment and consumable supply businesses.


Active in the UK and the Far East

Our business currently operates out of a Chippenham headquarters, a Trowbridge distribution centre and strategically located Scottish and Yorkshire sales facilities. In addition, customers enjoy the benefits of dedicated sourcing through the ISC Far East procurement office near Shanghai, in China.


Immersed in the consumables and equipment sector

Our corporate youthfulness, and our initial years of carefully managed growth, make it easy to overlook the more than 100 years’ combined sector experience of our team. Before ISC was envisaged, let alone formed, many of the team were immersed in the consumables and equipment sector, learning the rules that, later, we would change for your benefit.


Providing customers with a progressive, business-enhancing service

From our mile-hungry service envoys (all salaried), to our office and distribution teams and the owners of the business, our greatest motivation is to provide our customers with the most progressive, customer focused, business-enhancing service.


As well as a passion for the products and services we provide, our business, and our relationship with our customers, is driven by the following:

arrorw5 Professionalism
arrorw5 Integrity
arrorw5 Responsiveness
arrorw5 The quality of our systems
arrorw5 Commitment to doing what we promise to do for you
arrorw5 Making sure that we do business that we know we can do well – if something lies outside our area of competency,
  we won’t take it. As our partner, you can be sure we know what we are doing for you.


Helping you cut the hidden costs of procurement

For our customers, this means reducing your investment in working stock, ensuring that you have the consumables and equipment you need, where and when you need them, and helping you cut the hidden costs of procurement. By doing this well, you save time and money and get priceless peace of mind – while we grow a successful business. Everybody wins.


Together, we’ve already come a long way.


Industrial Supply Chain Limited  – The Meaning of Procurement