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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

With hundreds of companies in PPE, what is it that makes Industrial Supply Chain Limited (ISC) different – and guarantees valuable time and money savings when we work together?


PPE products for a safer more productive work force


Naturally, from the humble work glove to sophisticated hi-visibility clothing, we only source the best PPE products; equipment that we know from experience will make work safer, more productive (and maybe even more enjoyable) for your team under even the most demanding conditions.


  • arrorw5 High visibility clothing
    arrorw5 Safety footwear
    arrorw5 Protective gloves
    arrorw5 Respiratory protection
    arrorw5 Hearing protection
    arrorw5 Head protection / Eye Protection

The continuity of supply you always dreamed of

And when we supply something, you enjoy the peace of mind from knowing that you’ll enjoy perfect continuity of supply for as long as we do business (no switching from named brands to inferior quality own-brands after a few months with ISC). What’s more, part of our account monitoring service (real meetings with real people who can make decisions) involves regular quarterly review of the products you buy. If we can offer you a better, or more cost-effective, product we will do so, openly and transparently, so that you share the cost savings.

One of the first companies to offer consignment stocking for PPE

We specialise in managed consignment stocking, putting PPE at the point of use in a systematic way. Because we were one of the first to offer consignment stocking for PPE we do it well, with proven systems and road-tested storage cabinets for trouble-free dispensing.

Naturally, all our personal protective equipment is CE marked to EN standards and, wherever required, appropriate COSHH documentation is provided on first delivery.


Always helping your bottom line

With ISC, what you see is what you get – just like the improved business efficiency and great pricing that helps your bottom line.


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